Behold the Lamb of God

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Although written by different individuals and for different audiences, each of the four gospels represents a priceless sketch of the Savior’s life and teachings. None is complete, each is unique, and collectively they represent our best opportunity to understand the Lord’s mortal ministry. The challenge, however, lies in the fact that the Gospels are most often presented individually, and seldom as elements of a unified life.

This book is formatted to allow the reader to follow a single narrative storyline. By reading the text from left to right across the columns, skipping the highlighted material, a richer narrative emerges. The addition of essential Joseph Smith Translations reveal even more detail as well as prophetic insight. An appendix includes a scriptural chronology, using Mark as the backbone of the construct. A visual chronology places the events of the Savior’s life in the context of space and time, providing location, events, season, temperature, relationships to Jewish holidays and celebrations etc. A third resource is a detailed chronology of the final weeks of the Savior’s ministry. This will help you draw closer to the Savior by coming to a greater understanding of His life and ministry.
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